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He always has time to aid a friend with an unfaithful husband, or a maligned employee, or a frightened young woman in trouble, even while following the thread of a tangled mystery that takes him into the Palace itself. Dallington is too ill to meet the writer of a terrified letter begging for help, so Lenox goes in his stead. The intimidation and threats of their client soon develop into something much more complicated and serious, and by the finish, three people have been murdered and the future of the Empire is at risk.

It Begins in Betrayal. Great Historical Mystery with Strong Female Lead.

An Old Betrayal is a twisty mystery about a captivating time and place. Although Victorian England has been mined by other authors, Finch writes with an unusually light touch.

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Even when Finch displays his social conscience, he focuses upon the positive. Writing about one of his government duties, visiting charities, Finch writes:.

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The kitchen was housed in a long room, with a massive marble countertop at one end where eager young men offered a steadily flowing line of ragged- looking individuals and families both soup and bread. Some twelve hundred people ate here each day, according to the letter Lenox had received inviting him onto the board.

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On Christmas that number was closer to twenty-two thousand. It reminds me of P. A new book has provided what it claims is fresh evidence that Anne Frank and her family were betrayed by a Jewish woman who was executed after the second world war for collaborating with the Nazis.

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The involvement of Ans van Dijk, who was executed in after admitting to collaborating in the capture of people, including her own brother and his family, had been previously claimed. But, the Anne Frank House museum and research centre had been unable to come to any conclusion, despite police investigations and its own studies. Fresh claims have now been made in a book by Gerard Kremer, 70, the son of a member of the Dutch resistance of the same name, who was an acquaintance of Van Dijk in Amsterdam.

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It is claimed that after her arrest on Easter Sunday by the Nazi intelligence service known as the the Sicherheitsdienst, Van Dijk became a regular visitor to the building, albeit in disguise. She would also use the telephones in the requisitioned offices, Kremer noticed.

The book suggests that in early August , Kremer overheard Van Dijk taking part in discussions in the Nazi offices about Prinsengracht, where the Franks were hiding.