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Darkmere by Helen Maslin Goodreads Author 3. Forevermore by Cindy Miles Goodreads Author 4. Djinn by Sang Kromah Goodreads Author 4. Inbetween Kissed by Death, 1 by Tara A. Fuller Goodreads Author 3. Sacrificed by Nykki Mills Goodreads Author 4. The Last of the Spirits by Chris Priestley 3. Perdita by Faith Gardner Goodreads Author 3. Spirit Storm Spirit Guide, 2 by E. Raising the Dead Past Midnight, 1. Then to Barnes and Noble for a stack of October magazines, and found the Martha Stewart there, finally.

Then drove through Culver's for a pumpkin spice milkshake, which I ended up sharing with the dogs because it was way too filling. I missed it! Off to switch LT over to Piratese for the last few hours of the evening. Over here it was just the start of Oktoberfest. He's able to make those faces so life-like. And he does the majority with sculpting loops, using a knife only at the end to create detail like deepening wrinkles.

Saw John Castle on TV again today! This time he was on an episode of Lovejoy entitled "The Day of Reckoning. I've seen "The Day of Reckoning" a couple of times and he's great in it. So evil and illogical. He's played a lot of bad guys. I practiced my apple cake today, which is one of my fair entries for next month. Mike's buddies have been complaining that I haven't sent any experiments over lately, but it's just been too hot to have the oven on. But we've dropped into the high 90's now so I had to get started. And then Mike brought me a bouquet of flowers tonight.

It isn't the season I'd been watching on Youtube, so I guess I was watching old ones. Somebody has done a really, really cool thing by making a Youtube video of all those creepy paintings from "The Night Gallery". Very good quality and the music is perfect. It's Stephen King 's Birthday. The true story of the World's Fair in Chicago, paralleled with the story of Chicago businessman H. Holmes, a serial killer. The book traces the very beginnings of the idea of building a World's Fair in a city known for its violence, when the most successful Chicagoans wanted to change the city's reputation to one that would rival New York's.

One of many who arrived to take advantage of the situation was Holmes, a young man who committed fraud and forgery and was able to build a hotel with its own crematorium without anyone suspecting him. The parts about Holmes, and about the many obstacles of creating such an immense event as the fair, were very interesting. I have to admit that the descriptions of meeting after meeting and who met who and who didn't make the trip got tedious. How did I miss out on seeing this until a few months ago? Who thought a fanged homicidal newborn was a good idea?

It's very much a throwback to the monster movies of the 50's. And yet the cast consists of character actors, some you might recognize, who squeeze every drop of realism they can out of the script. They earned their money. I cracked up when they actually used the phrase "excessive force" as in not using and the next scene was a virtual rain of lead. Well they had to because that monster baby was killing left and right!

I really love old movies of questionable taste. The stuff that you can tell took a bad turn between the script and what came out of the actor's mouth. A sure thing are the 70's Italian movies of Franco Nero. Here's a really good video of a walk through Sleepy Hollow. We did this exact walk through town and to the Old Dutch Church, because the cab driver who picked us up at the train station didn't know what we meant by "the cemetery", or "the Headless Horseman event" or "Washington Irving" or "how can you live here and not know about any of this?

Dark wooden plank floors that creak, a front sitting room with early Colonial furniture and a big fireplace Anyway, I know the camera work here can get bouncy, but you end up at the church. Scott Fitzgerald 's birthday! I've come across more pumpkin stuff. Trader Joe's has a pumpkin version of their Cheerios "O" cereal which is pretty good for flavor but feels like your eating packing peanuts. Then there are pumpkin spice Peeps. The marshmallow is very good, but they ruined them by covering the whole bottom half in gross, pointless white chocolate.

Here's Screamin' Jay Hawkins. I really like this version of a Tom Waits song. Who knew that Dickens wrote so many stories featuring ghosts or strange occurrences? There's "The Queer Chair", about a ratty old chair that comes to life one night to influence a man's love life, and the story of Captain Murderer, who kills many young brides. Once you get past the many opening paragraphs of florid writing, the stories are often interesting. Not frightening at all, but just interesting plots.

It reminded me of his video of "Satisfied" that could be Tom dancing on a grave. The lyrics are very halloween-ish. When i'm gone when i'm gone roll my vertebrae out like dice let my skull be a home for the mice let me bleach like the bones on the beach. I'm an easily frightened scaredy-cat. Your thread is bringing up bad memories from my younger years. There is no way that I'm watching the trailer for It's Alive. I saw It's Alive in it's original theatrical release. Actually, on my 15th birthday, summer It terrified me. That was a short lived fear, remembered only when I started high school -- at Washington Irving High School, of course.

The scary just follows me around. I miss the old pumpkin Peeps. They weren't pumpkin flavored, just orange pumpkin Peeps with chocolate cream filling. It looks like both he and Screamin' Jay Hawkins have a few numbers that could qualify for Halloween. I'll feature more music down the road, but I have a feeling it'll get louder. Believe it or not, I'm not trying to bring up horrible memories, but it's just so hard not to push somebody's buttons with all this creepy stuff.

When I was little I was convinced Frankenstein was hiding under the bubbles in my bath. I have no idea how I landed on him, but he was stuck in my head. And I think I said last year how one of my babysitters made us watch the original "The Fly", and that "help me! And I never had chocolate-filled Peeps!

After it was done my brother went to the bathroom and did a perfect rendition of "Help me! It was terrifying! Your brother and my babysitter were both mean. Three course meal. A clip from "Phantasm", one of the greatest horror movies from the 70's. This thing scared the bejeezus out of my sister and me when we were kids. So, of course, we watched it over and over. And it's Jim Thompson 's birthday! So I watched the cocktail videos. The Dracula's Curse looks good and should even taste good. The Candy Corn Shot looked fabulous but sounded dreadful to me, although my husband thought it didn't sound any sweeter than a B I think my shot days are behind me, but I'd order the Dracula's Curse if I saw it on a cocktail menu.

I think he's making the candy corn as shots because a whole glass of it would be way too rich. To me, the flavor of candy corn is an intense butter and corn syrup flavor, like it's had baking butter emulsion added, so I eat only a few at a time. But a drink of sugar, cream and whipped cream alcohol would probably turn out to be my favorite. And I keep a bottle of Pinnacle Whipped Cream vodka in the cupboard anyway. I would definitely order a Dracula's Curse off a menu. And have you seen the commercials for the Halloween burger?

I'd seen the Japanese versions, with McDonald's and Burger King using either squid ink or charcoal to make black buns. The American version is getting the color from A Here's "Bubba Ho-Tep" encapsulated into 5 minutes. This is a really weird and funny movie, perfect for Halloween. An elderly man in a nursing home claims to be Elvis, while another claims to be JFK.

And they are both fighting the mummy who is killing the other residents. Want to make a lot of money fast? Invite friends over to watch "Bubba Ho-Tep" and tell them the game is to put money in a jar every time a character swears. Eva, what's creepy about it? Just taking the monsters out for a stroll. Children are inherently scary! On my end both our messages were numbered 92, but it's adjusted itself now.

Just a weird glitch that I'd never seen before. I've never seen a glitch like that either. As long as it's not changing what I'm saying. Here's what The London Dungeon is doing for Halloween. The Dungeon is an attraction that features all the worst bits of British history, sort of like a haunted house where everything is based on facts. Getting caught up here with belated congrats on the new member of the family. Coral looks like a sweet dog! Not sure about maple cotton candy but only because I find cotton candy in general too sweet for my tastes. Thanks, she gets prettier every day! But we're still working on some things, like how she will suddenly be right in our faces when she thinks we've slept enough.

I like cotton candy about once a year at the fair, but maple cotton candy sounds like the best. I'm still finding new things to do with maple syrup. Here's a very brief but good story from Charles Dickens about a murderer who is clearly based on Bluebeard. It's about a 5 minute read. And I can't help but think that the dark-haired sister could have come up with a better plan.

But last night we were out shopping and after dinner he asked if I wanted to just stop by our local Fry's and have a look. Sure, why not. The sneaks didn't have them on the cereal aisle with the other Mini-Wheats, they had put them in a small display in the freezer section. It's Truman Capote 's birthday! In Cold Blood alone Here's a clip from "Monster House". It's become a real favorite. So what do you think about the Pumpkin Spice Mini-Wheats? It has been ages since I had Mini-Wheats but I do remember their frosted goodness.

Not mind-blowing, but pretty good. Eaten dry, you taste more of the spice, while in milk, the pumpkin flavor comes out.

Real Ghost Stories Online

And they do have a nice orange sugar frosting. I've been watching so many scary movies over the last few weeks. It's hard not to, what with movies showing on t. Plus, I have a stack of Halloween dvds to get through this month. And lots more books. Oh, and the Sherlock club meeting. October is always a very busy month. So, it's the first day of October! We got our tickets to Redd Kross!!! Here's a clip from the influential low-budget 60's horror movie "Spider Baby" , which starred Lon Chaney Jr.

If you've ever seen Rob Zombie's horror films, you'll notice how much he drew from "Spider Baby". I work across a couple of sites, to get to one of which I have to drive past a field of pumpkins. If I wouldn't be breaking umpteen traffic laws, I'd stop and take a picture for you!

New selected poems

It looks like a filed of basketballs, as they're all rather round and rather orange. I've not tried Pumpkin spice coffee, but it's presence does means than my favourite, the gingerbread latte is on its way very shortly Wishing my life away again. This is a great thread! New here, so just chiming in.

I love Halloween and this time of year, too. I have my long list of movies I like to watch as well. Thanks for the great pictures and lists. The Creature from the Black Lagoon wasn't really all that scary but that scene with the legs dangling and the creature coming slowly up out of the deep really got me. Every time I swim in a river or lake to this day, I think about it! Not so scary I'd love to drive past a pumpkin patch, because I don't think I ever have. There's one about 20 minutes away, where we went through the corn maze last year, but you can't see anything from the street.

Thanks for thinking of me though! And I like the gingerbread latte too. I'm glad you like it, as I have a lot of fun putting it together. Mike had something very scary happen last night. It was around 11pm, he was turning off the freeway into the underpass to come home, and suddenly there was a big cement truck sitting there, on fire and shooting flames.

Even worse, the car right in front of him slammed on its brakes, which trapped Mike right next to the burning truck. Mike says he was honking and yelling and the guy wouldn't move so Mike had to drive around him to get away from the flames. I knew it would be on Youtube. Mike got caught in it before the fire department or police had arrived. He called to report it but they were on the way. Glad to hear he got away from it OK.

Bet that other guy was busy filming it on his phone Glad to hear Mike is OK. That would be terrifying! The Angler Fish. Some of them can reach up to lbs. Believe me, he was still feeling it when he told me, but who wouldn't be? Taking the bones of the plot cruel aunt, boarding school for orphans, Mr. Rochester , this places Jane in a world where she is raised by the vampire Reeds, learns to kill zombies at Lowood and finds that Mr. Rochester's secret is a bit more complex than in the original story.

The fun of monster slaying is worked in, making Jane a fearless fighter while still leaving in her problems with money and love. It seems like the casting director for "The Walking Dead" cherry picked it. There's Dale, Andrea, Carol, Will Marcia Gay Harden eventually be fighting walkers? Anyway, grocery store bag boys have delicious strawberry centers. Here's a very appropriate song from legendary band The Misfits from their "Famous Monsters" release. The band make-up, especially at the end when it turns color, is fantastic! The Food Network's Halloween Wars started last night, and they have several hours of Halloween shows scheduled for tonight, including a new one called "The Halloween Baking Championship".

So Yay! I've found another delicious pumpkin item. I was at BevMo to buy pumpkin ale, thinking I'd end up with Blue Moon Pumpkin because that's what I've been drinking the past couple of years, but they were doing a tasting at the store. I brought home Leinenkugel Harvest Patch Shandy. No, there's no lemonade in it so I don't know why it's called shandy , but unlike many pumpkin brews, it doesn't taste like the pumpkin flavor was dumped in after the regular ale was made.

It's a lightly pumpkin taste that has more of the spice than most, and I like it enough to go get more. Ever want to be a ghost hunter? The Willard Library in Evansville, Indiana is the only library I've heard of that features "ghost cams", 24 hour surveillance on the web that allows viewers to spot resident ghost, The Grey Lady, and save the pics into the library's gallery of sightings.

And there are a lot, as The Grey Lady likes to keep busy. That would be fun. Yesterday was really busy for me, with painting doors, trim and doorways in my house. Lauren, who organized the group, brought several Sherlock books for us to check out, many from England, and another member had gotten back from a trip to England and Scotland just the night before.

He brought photos of his visit to B Baker Street. Our read for next month is "The Yellow Face". And there are lots of tv premieres happening. I like it, but don't love it so far. The actress who plays Madison, the mom, has an immobile face, which bugs me. Scared, angry,concerned, it's all the same lack of expression. But I'll watch when it comes back. I haven't watched it yet.

Halloween Wars started Sunday.

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Those skills blow my mind. I'll put up a list of Halloween movie night suggestions tomorrow. The Truth About Mrs. Stine 's Birthday. Smoke and Mirrors by Neil Gaiman. A collection of short stories, some being horror-ish, some fantasy, a few just slice-of-life. This collection has "Don't Ask Jack", maybe the creepiest story two page story ever. There is also "The Goldfish Pool and Other Stories" about an English writer who is brought to Hollywood to meet with movie producers, and one of my favorites was "We Can Get Them For You Wholesale" about a young man who wants his romantic rival murdered but finds his agent gives a bulk discount that is too good to pass up.

Not every story in the collection is Halloween specific, but I enjoyed most of them. He's testing everyone's blood to find out who's The Thing. And since you're the first to visit me in a long time, take as much as you like: Sorry it isn't handfuls of Kurt Russell. Oddly, she hasn't aged at all, so maybe she really is a vampire. His heart was still racing when he got home and told me about it. Elvira is great. They did a reality show a couple of years ago trying to find someone to replace her why? She's too unique. We went to see the wonderful LA band Redd Kross last night and they sounded fantastic.

I've waited for many, many years to see them live. Here's "", the song from the movie of the same name. Not many, so here's another from them. Anybody who recognizes where this song comes from gets a prize. This is how he celebrates. And I would love to hang out with Neil Gaiman even it was in a cemetary. It's nice to be happy in your work. And I would like to join you and Mr. Gaiman in the cemetery. I'll bring the cake. And I forgot to mention how much fun Coral had while we were gone last night. We put away the tv remotes, closed the library and bathroom doors, did everything we could think of to Coral-proof the house before we left.

We came home around 1 am to find that she'd gotten herself on the kitchen counter who knew the tiny dog could jump that high? She pulled the dining room table cloth half off getting up there to chew off the stem of the pumpkin I'd bought that morning. She laid in bed and ate bagels on Mike's pillow. And this morning I found a cinnamon raisin bagel under the couch pillow and smears all over the couch. Isn't she cute? And if I know our lab, Greta, she simply laid there watching it all. And another thing I forgot were the Halloween Movie Night suggestions.

So here you are. I don't recommend "The Walking Deceased". Ah, Coral. She's making herself at home. I really miss having to check things for potential dog misbehavior before leaving the house. Whenever we come home, we greet them with "What have you done? It's leaving at the same time that is too much for her and sends her looking for something to keep herself busy.

But in between naughty things, she's lovable and cuddly and she's gotten Greta playing again. The Walking Dead starts tonight! We're having dinner out to celebrate Mike's mom's birthday a few days early, but I'll talk your ear off about it tomorrow. This year's amazing literary jack o' lanterns. Strange how it took years for it to be appreciated. One of my favorite scenes is the one with Jack and the English caretaker in the bathroom. That's where you see the penny drop for Jack, and were he starts to embrace the insanity. Well, now it's time to trick the hound, obviously.

We used to do this with our two. If people came over, they would obnoxiously greet them, but if I shut them in the bedroom and then opened the door to the bedroom ten minutes after people arrived, they would be fooled into thinking that the people had been in the house for some time and no longer needed to be greeted with terrifying enthusiasm.

Of course, our two dogs were quite remarkably not-bright. Coral will probably see through one of you leaving five minutes before the other. That's a good trick, and I'll try it! I thought I'd be smart and give them really thick dental bones as we were walking out the door. I thought that would be enough of a distraction that we'd be gone before she'd notice. Foolish humans! If you watched the season premiere last night, continue. If you didn't, just skip over this bit.

It took more than a few minutes for me to get what was going on, with the skipping around the timeline and black and white to color. And in the previous trailers they had really made it look like Morgan was going to be a problem for Rick, right? So, did they say where they were leading the walkers to, and how they were going to prevent the pit from filling again?

They very well may have but I missed it. I haven't watched the Walking Dead season opener yet, so I will be back after I watch it. Have to admit, I am looking forward to this. I'm so happy to have it back!

Do let me know what you thought after you've watched. Love the Coral stories! I've only had cats who go to sleep as soon as you leave them alone. I used to tell ours to "mind the house" as I left and my husband would make responses appropriate to the look we got. Yeah, right. I like Vincent Price. My fair entries are due this morning. I'll have to wait until we go on the 21st to see if I've won anything. Here's the really wonderful short film "Vincent", an early work by Tim Burton and narrated by Vincent Price.

Best of luck on your entries! I really wish there was some sort of way we could compel you to send each of us a piece of every item. Then hoping they just keep going. The pit wouldn't fill again as it only did so because the exit was blocked and the sound of the walkers gathered there would draw more until you get that massive herd that we saw in the opening episode. And I wish I could get a slice of the bread and cake too, just to see if it turned out as well as expected. We delivered them this morning, and that makes me squirmy.

I watched it a second time to see if I'd missed the information, but you're right, they were just leading them away to wherever. Which made me wonder why our precious Daryl had to be so vulnerable on his bike when they could have been playing music from the cars. Or honking.

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I don't get why Rick was locking him in when he hadn't done anything. Morgan doesn't know Carol, so he didn't know how dangerous it is to let her know that he was on to her act. Morgan doesn't seem pleased with Rick. And Michonne seemed like she was the one really watching Rick in this episode, and she looks both frightened and disgusted. And where was Carl? For each day of the year, there is an entry for something bad that happened in this English county. Murders, fires, illness, muggings, the history of this place is jam-packed with bad stuff, and the death sentences were handed down for as little as stealing shoes.

On Jan. This is one of those odd niche books I seem to have a talent for finding. A non-Halloween book- how'd that happen? Novel Interiors by Lisa Borgnes Giramonti. A thick book of interior decorating based on literary styles or specific authors. The rooms mostly look generalized into "English country" or "Art Deco", so while they're pretty, it seems like the author is really reaching for a literary connection. I've come across a few more Autumn Foods : Sprout's Pumpkin Snaps have a good spicy flavor but they're hard as rocks.

Hostess has Maple Glazed Mini Donuts. I'd say it's an infusion of maple flavoring. They aren't bad, very light and fluffy with a strong maple scent and a fake maple flavor. Kettle Maple Bacon Popcorn. I have it but haven't tried it yet. We were at our local gourmet store, AJ's, which really gets into Halloween with lots of specialty foods, body products, candles It's very thick, creamy dark chocolate maple leaves filled with gooey caramel that has a hint of maple.

I was hoping for more of a maple-with-a-bit-of-caramel situation, but it's still very good. And pretty. Here's Bruce Campbell losing his mind in "Evil Dead 2". His new sequel is premiering on Halloween and it's the first time I've ever wished I had the Starz channel. He just seems like a fun guy. I watched the first Walking Dead last night, and I too, was a little confused at first with the timeline. I kept thinking that I had missed an episode along the way that explained what was happening.

I finally put the pieces together and was then able to relax and enjoy the zombie multitude. The Rick of today really doesn't have a lot in common with the Rick from the first season but Morgan seems to think that the upstanding, decent Rick is still in there somewhere. She was eager to get off the road as she thought if they didn't, they would soon become unfit to be around other humans. My biggest disappointment is that for some reason my PVR stopped recording the show before the end of the episode.

The last thing I saw was the when the loud horn went off and the zombies started to veer off course to follow that. Was someone deliberatly sabotaging them? Did all the main characters make it to the end of the episode? Now I don't feel so bad that it took me a few minutes to understand what was happening. They seemed to throw you in too far into it, so you have to gather the information and work backwards. But it sounds like you got the full episode-it ends with the horn going off and everybody running to see where it's coming from, with the walkers following.

Awww, that's funny that you don't like Carl. Since Beth is gone, I think Gabriel is my least favorite. And I've never warmed up to Deanna. She just squints too much for me to trust her completely. Carol has become a viper, and I like her for it. Her character has changed the most over the course of the series. Thought of you when I was in New York. Ate breakfast at one restaurant that served pumpkin stuffed toast that was quite delicious. Also had some fried pumpkin at another. I was in NYC one Fall and liked seeing how people would go all out decorating their tiny front stoops.

And I enjoyed the crisp Autumn weather. When we're walking out the door, I tell them "Be good. I don't trust my PVR these days, it seems to have a mind of it's own! Next week's program should be a good one! Glad to help. And my DVR started acting up Monday night, turning itself on and off and rebooting itself over and over, just in time for the premiere of "Fargo", so I ended up with four recordings here and there of minutes each.

I'll be catching the replay. And I've come across a candy corn that isn't sickening sweet. The Autumn Mix has pumpkins that are a different taste and texture from the candy corn, sort of like firm frosting. It's much better than Brach's, to me at least. And I've been meaning to post this for a few days. We did have a good time - fall in New York like you said is a good time to visit.

We did see lots of decorations in front of homes in Brooklyn. The Chelsea Market was all decked out as well. Weather was a bit warmer than expected but infinitely better than what we are currently having at home. Brach's is the only kind of candy corn and mellowcreme pumpkins worth eating. There was a massive jack o' lantern carved as Frankenstein. That's also the first time I ever had chicken peanut stew and I loved it so much I started making it at home. I'm glad you had such a good trip!

It's just a different flavor, and I prefer the milder one. I do think Brach's should remove their American slogans from their packaging since they closed their American production a few years ago. That's bad too. Halloween candy buffets exist!

Gothic gossip. | Gothic Literature | LibraryThing

It's a thing! Invite me! Does anyone else enjoy the author chats and general awkwardness of "Well Read"? I love it. Over the past couple of weeks they've been tweaking the show by adding computer graphics and having Mary Anne give her recommendations to the camera rather than speaking to Terry Tazioli, but now they've gone crazy with a new background and a room of coordinated furniture rather than the old Borders coffee table.

I'm happy that the hosts counteract any attempts at slickness by upping the embarrassingly awkward banter that much more. I watched the second episode of American Horror Story: Hotel , which I wasn't sure I would after the premiere last week. There were a couple of scenes that were hard to stomach, so I guess they met their shock goal. Schmidt from "New Girl", that's all I'm saying'. I've always thought this poem was far, far more scary than "The Raven". Stopping by now that the weekend has arrived and I actually have some time for LT.

Fingers are crossed for your fair entries! They sound wonderful, especially the no bake chocolate peanut butter cookies I am a huge Reese Peanut Butter Cup fan, but only the original variety. No crunchy, bar or supersize for me. I'm looking forward to seeing if I've won anything. And eating, of course. I understand that this year's new foods include Frosted Flake Fried Chicken, deep fried Twix, raspberry fry bread and Kool-Aid injected pickles which I will not be having.

Our lab, Greta, is 11 years old now. The doggies got huge homemade pumpkin spice cookies instead of a cake. And we've had Coral 5 weeks now, so I measured and found that she's put on two inches around the chest. She looks very healthy. Max Greenfield, huh. Probably will still not watch AHS: Hotel. Did you ever watch Veronica Mars? I saw most of one episode, liked it, and meant to watch more but just never got around to it. Is that were Greenfield started? I've just found another really good, creepy show that isn't anything like AHS; it's a three part mini-series called "The Endfield Haunting" starring Timothy Spall and Matthew McFadyen sure that's spelled wrong.

Ghost Stories of an Antiquary by M. First published in , this is a collection of spooky stories with a very Gothic feel. Several of the stories involve a traveler doing research in Scandinavia and finding that long-ago myths are real. My favorites are "Number 13", in which the traveler staying in a pleasant hotel finds that his room, number 12, sometimes has a noisy neighbor next door in 13, though the hotel owner insists there is no room The most effective is "Mezzotint", in which a University student is sent a tint of an old, nameless house, but finds sinister changes to the photo every time he returns to his room.

James, and I am looking forward to some gothic creepiness! It's a very dangerous place to be! I hope you like it, and "gothic creepiness" is a perfect description. Hope it scares you a little! Yet I doubt if I'd get much work done knowing that a candy buffet was in the building. A list of the "Top 10 Infamous Murder Houses".

The narrator sounds almost gleeful. And Carl too. I wished Morgan would just pick up a gun already and not let a whole pack of murderers trot out the gate , but I guess he's following his conscience or whatever. And we had a very sudden storm here in Phoenix yesterday that turned to hail within minutes, something that happens about every three or four years, so a big deal. We also saw plenty of big trees ripped out by the roots. It finally brought our temps down to the 70's.

Just some pics I've been meaning to put up: maple apple with walnuts- state fair entry smoked cheese and black sea salt skull crackers Greta with her birthday cookie. It seems like the most economical monster ever created, just a couple of boxes of raspberry jello. What great Halloween gifs! When I was a little kid in Chicago, we were sometimes given a special treat on Saturday night and allowed to stay up late and watch "Shock Theater," which played horror films like "The Blob," "Frankenstein," and "Dracula. And caused some scary times after watching it, lying in bed in the dark trying to get to sleep and hoping there were no monsters coming up the back stairs from the basement to get me.

Ah, good times! I'm hoping my thread helps set the Halloween mood. And thanks for the link- "Shock Theater" is new to me. I wondered were Svenghoulie came from. He just started appearing in our area a year or two ago. I wanted to like him but he just isn't funny and his movies are more old and obscure than so-bad-it's-good.

I grew up with Elvira, who was an L. Now she's funny. I saw most of the old classics because channel 9 out of L. We had another lovely hail storm today! It's very exciting! Not bad, and quite a surprise at the end. One of the best bits is a clear shot of a dummy head suppose to be George Kennedy's being lopped off. Did you know we have rats in the cellar, Blanche? I lived in L. One year I went to a Halloween party as her. I'll see if I can dig up a pic of that. Ah, memories. Straitjacket reminds me of a really good horror novel I read earlier this year about Lizzie Borden. Have you read Maplecroft yet?

If you find that pic, do post it. I was Tim Curry from Rocky horror when I was fifteenth. Photos exist but I don't know where. And I lost last year's Halloween photos when I switched phones. I haven't read that one. Is it accurate as far as facts go? It's horror fantasy. Factual generally, I guess, and as far as historical time and place. Begins some time after Borden was aquitted for the killings.

I'll look for it. I've had a very eventful day. Mom showed up around 9 am. We ran out for breakfast, then came home for Mike to open his presents, because it was his birthday. Then he went to work and Mom and I went out shopping for a couple of hours. When Mike got home we went to the state fair. First thing, we went to see if I'd won any ribbons for the culinary competition. Right away I found my no-bake chocolate peanut butter cookies, with a 1st Place Blue Ribbon! Then I was looking for my pumpkin tea bread, and there it was in the case, but no ribbon on it.

They only put ribbon winners in the cases, so where is it? Then the three of us were all searching for the maple apple bundt cake, because of my three entries, I was sure about that one taking a prize. So I'm looking just at the names on the tags and can't find it. Mike finds it, and it's won a 1st Place blue ribbon and it has someone else's name on it.

I find a fair employee watching over another arts section, she calls another employee, they both agree that the employee who should be in the culinary section has gone missing. They go find him and he goes to find "someone in charge". Who turns out to be the very young girl I had handed my entries over to a week ago. I show her the pic of the full cake on Mike's phone and make her agree that this is the same cake in the case yes, I get that way , and make her take my number to call me once she's talked it over with her supervisor.

Mike says I have zero chance of receiving that ribbon when they mail them out after the fair closes. She also didn't know what happened to the pumpkin bread ribbon. So mad. Here's an excellent reading of M. Well, that sucks. I hope you made that exact same face. At least you know that you won! Congratulations on your two wins and I commiserate on the mix-up with your pumpkin tea bread.