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Peter Zoller: Introduction to quantum optics - Lecture 1

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Quantum Optics Quantum optics is the part of optics which deals with quantum effects. However, they are also very important in laser physics : Fundamental quantum-mechanical processes such as spontaneous and stimulated emission are of basic importance for the general operation and the performance of lasers. Quantum effects introduce laser noise , e. Similarly, they set a lower limit to the amplifier noise of optical amplifiers.


Quantum Technologies Quantum optics has practical applications, e. The following types of products are specific for those fields: single-photon emitters photon pair sources low-noise photodetectors , e. Schleich et al.

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Walls and G. RP Photonics Marketing. RP Services and Tools. Image: Aurea technology Quantum optics and photonics, usually seen today in the form of complex experiments assembled on an optical table, are touted by some as computing's future.

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Quantum optics also are relevant to quantum cryptography, tomography, and fundamental physics experiments. Aurea Technology Besancon, France is making things easier for those researchers who are assembling complex experiments; Aurea has developed a comprehensive suite of the essential quantum optics instruments for novel quantum optical systems, and will be exhibiting them at booth at SPIE Photonics West San Francisco, CA; Feb. This type of device allows sources such as twin-entangled-photon sources to be characterized using time-correlation techniques.

Essential Quantum Optics: From Quantum Measurements to Black Holes

In this device, the two independent photon detectors have been paired during manufacturing; as a result, the two paired detectors have similar dark-count rate and quantum efficiency. Entangled photons are a promising way for demonstrating quantum physics principles and new quantum information applications. For example, entangled photons allow the development of quantum-key distribution QKD protocols over distances of a few hundred kilometers.