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Iii mi rml ami I in! Kathei ol Mi. VVlnl tm hi Una Itiiehi. Inn r, ami I1, aiih t lie. Ih t aio! I iiu'lt ul Ilir alt 1 1 i. III 1 1. Mm laterl. M ul I't'rn Jt t ekrl. Mm caurole. J uuttariat. II1I1 1. Mr L m -rln lelrgr tphel lu that lb err, "Make no muvement hnatrtei aitlmm n. A Lincoln " Now it h ippeoed Ihn jet at thai time Horttatf h-t-1 m nie ill hit.

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I iiuorTemliiig t ilitrn- upon lale ami htpraril ic'. M chargea ol i I hey n il. Ii ul mir mil In ami cavalrt urn uot auulh ol Mir rtvei. I htr lillniiiiiiiaii. I itul Iii. Ihne M Utl iri-oii to lauirte. I til. Ulioei whill kuuttli ii Mm M null lanll. Mm wo -ul. Wm si 11 ill. I el Kivbmoiid ui PradvriuiUbucg, X a-iu it iukiur in him 11 nur, h. Munal Irrclom tint meal ui. I Min-r -uiiil irlitum- rlrctn. I MIHI ,, -'in- ui tni iinn pie. On r on nt ri rette ihm mil. To Mirm the im ii i-je ol thebiiilr In.

Thb Wertd t-uit is nunc. I harae itrtet etite! Hi,a piem i' v of the C"U-tilttt.. Wlnt prctter intcrl hu Govermu M ftTo-r in preserving the Goet iimeut ami ui m. Mr ri l lo eijae-. We ak ll 'hmI dun s. Wu piytthc fur-.? And niii! A letter r m lue ruin. Cliurch tu i.

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T tcul ilg Uhi this huh jeer; tur in hrr fohl anil in her ninyt cu ttiutis mc 1'imiil a ve-t bfjpj ; rujau Hon nf the teit si ne boblera 'd ihetuiiu'ry Wtwrice uf beCeoaltletl io -a that Hie public aeniimeni i- rapidly hecuni in amiinl u: on thi subject, 11 tint Mm Lr. Au Ml MM K. In ni l liie. Klrtrn tftjarft go ihr people ol lmliain, ht a.


Efotliing Ins ir m. J uiu. I he storm winch. The rain whii-h leu m a. LTiiiun ul these S;. H-e-1 mghM in cor,, ll. I wo trtrs ul w. I, m fteen tue cotiiemling -'. Inrm e. Hi bttin- - h i. I her nur moat earnest etVmis in hi it this n tv t v ljf Mtware. S hi ,ud ir. When Ihr lean, thai the 1 ' ' " '" , 1 ' , ' 5r,plw. I Um ah k ami hrmu " ,e- w dvmg tejfhJMw m, Giv wa pen e?

Viit ttm V. Jn-t t ,, ,,. K- MnriTT. MUi K U. V J,j! Fltilei ck-b:ilg. Hin e u. Hue k is it h is aiieul i;e. MI'is id.. HeU elni u u- capable oi man aging 1 rotiert the winde 11 lilt. The, M Well a. I'nm that urin, , ol Gen Mc pat n. C ell ui. Nimiui, Get I' , iter,. Negrtiee raised. Wiii'hvu, uapftbleol lililMJ then pines, uni the A'lniini-tr. Ii r M neves thntr h thev. Mue uf mm. Smith, and jkh by Gen Wth. Gel,, ettr.!.. Siucum and Gen Jkald. Hid in-lead the uiijut und Inula I cmiduci ul lie Admiui-tri- ,,1 ,,, ,di imiMi,.

W thai haunt der when will aup i " ' ' ' " r Hit the h,. I iMemSm far ihm ene-i.. A tU'j Tit ui H,e court eh trie! I kuu. In the u. Aii'i i" e in n 1 1 iuii ueep ntuniii ton au i m v:m. R vMoi ra. It Admit isti itibn i- to tie objei awd pus ul L ,n nd eiti be eulurved. Mil flet. Th IVmIi..! It on in acii nl O 1. M' Pa net; Tint the A-mttani. Clark will play a duot on the Antobarp at tbe V. Kosh J. Alexander is in Columbus. John Cook is slightly indisposed.

This is tbe result of overwork. Tbe Y. Pick Parrab is in Colnmbns calling on a particular friend. Bliss, ol Kirk wood, ia confined to her room with illness. Woodcock smiles over tbe arrival of 1 a lioe boy baby at 1rs borne. A child of Oliver Con way is ijnite ill. MLsm M. Miss Komick, of Martin's Ferry, was in the city yesterday calling on friends. (Page 2)

Daniel Smith and Capt. Crawford are mentioned in connection with tbe Mayoralty. Sheppard, manager of the Bridgeport Glass Works, who has been ill for several weeks is again able to be out. Bolou bus returned Delaware, Ohio. Fisher is convalescent. Boston RetoriL One day Matthew By lea, the old parson, with a very long face cjmc into thu room where hi.

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Of course the family were struck dninb with astonishment and terror. Tbers, careering up and down tbe room, was the old doctor with a cow's tail fastened to tail of bis ministerial frock. Tbe old clergyman had certainly put au end to himself. A Perr. CAcpnDtn' Journal. The object is to make it to high that both the Mediterranean snd lKad seas may be seen from the top. In digging the foundation seven Christian graves were found, together with an insc ription in Greek, in which the word "Stephanus" conld yet be deciphered. Di uun, February 15 — Mr. Pyne, member of Parliament for Waterford, who was arrested near the House of Commons in London and brought to Ireland, wss tried to-day on the charge of inciting resistente to bailiffs.

He was convicted and sentenced to three months imprisonment, , without hard labor. Corns and all the Skin Eruptions, and positively cures Piles, or no pay required, r It is guaranteed to give satisfaction 01 mooey refunded. Price 25 cents per box. The window glass manufacturers have received notice from the Wheeling Natural Gas Company that they wil! Bnt now it is getting scarce, and until we liquidate our indebtedness we do not propose making any extensions or incarring any new debt by drilling new wells, unless we receive tome substantial encouragement to do so.

One or two of them have already received notice to that effect It was rumored yesterday that all new contracts made to private parties for luel would be doubte the old price and that no contracts will be renewed except at double old rates. Bftdgeport Lee, an tccentric character who is known about town as "Biddy" Lee, was badly burned early yesterday morning. She was standing near h grate in the heme ot Catharine Cook, in the Third wnrd, when here dress took fire and before it could be extinguished the poor croa ture was horribly burned, and died last night from the effects.

Taliraan's new building. The Central House has been rented by F. The Finit M. Church is to be improved. The U. Church, F ret M. John Rodeler. There is some talk of the Republican club renting tbe room now occupied by the Columbia club. The chairmen of the committees of the VTav festival will meet this afternoon in the Colombia club room.

Service was held in the Episcopal chorcb yesterday afternoon at 4 o'clock. A service is also called for this evening. Gymnastic exercises are being held in Turner Hall. While a fellow drank a glass of beer in a Union street mloon last evening a darkey run off with a shirt and r oliar belonging to the rann at the bar. Altw-it Michaels, of Bellaire, is the guest of her mother, Mrs.

The I-auyhlin mill was oil yesterday on account of light g,w pressure. Indiana McS words. Money 1 l-'-'a" 1 3 Per Cent,— Ooverr. NtW Yo:ik, February Fours, Registerod ! Prices advanced steadily, hat without special feature, except Richmond and West Poiut preferred, uutil Afternoon, wheu dullnaw acain appeared with the advance h'.

In the last hour some pressure was brought to bear ami the list moved otf, the market finally closing dull and at hcAvy fractions under best prices. Final changes are for fractional amounts only. Sales 1,, shares. Tuesday, February Offerings of applts have beei more plentiful since tho mild weather Cabbage, turnips and parsnips are in'de n:aud.

Batter is in light supply, and th is still very good. A the Leiten season ig ujjon pa, the demam for eggs has increased very perceptibly and the supply being unequal to it, ha sent up the price two cents.. The followinj are wholesale quotations: 1 Butter—Country choice 25a26c; gooi. Thesopply is light and the demand i? Market nominal. Rags—Steady at liaiJc for white mixed cotton; lalje lor all wool, and ljaljc tJt mixed. Nkw York, February Hay —Quiet and steady. CoO'oe —Spot, fair Rio dull at 16c; options 20j30 I Klints lower and moderately active; sales 70, hags; February 13 00al3.

Molasses —Dnli and lower.

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Petroleum— Steady ; United b7jc. Cotton Seed Oil—Rteady and quiet. Tallow—Easier at!

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Pork—Steady aud unchanged Cut Meats—Qaiet and steady. Cheeee-Quiet bnt firm; w. Chicago, February There was considerable doing in corn. Wheat was little traded iu, the speculation being mostly iu the provision pit.

Oats dull. Wheat—Cash No. Corn—Cash No. Fnne ja;AiJc, cloeiiig at ftojc; July 5u n51gc, cloiinc at 51c. Oats—Cash No. Flax Seed—No. Wheat—Dull; No. Corn—Spot cjuiet; futures dull but steady; No. Fggs—Higher aud in good demand. Floijr— Doll. Wheat —In fair demand; No. Corn—Steady; No. Oals—Qaiet; No. Uye—Dull and lower; No. Sugar —Eisicr. Com—Active tor cash a?. Mew York.

Cotton goods ot all dccriptious were in nominal stock, and prices very firm. Woolen goods were in betUr request through the placing of orders. The lieg market was alow, with pricc3 the saroa. Calves—3a5c per lb. Sheep—3 to 4 jc per lb. Baltimore Lire Stock Market. Baltimore, February Iieceipta this week 7, head. Arrivals of livestock at Claremont stock yards via Baltimore and Ohio railroad for the week ended Febmary — cars, containing cattlc, 31 calves, 1.

All hogs and sheep sold in these yards are at gross weight. Philadelphia, February Previous week: Beeves 2, head; sheep 7, bead; hogs 7, head. Hugs—Were active aud tirm; extra Chicago H[c; good western, 8. Milch Calves—Were active at 6. Fat Cows—Were iu fair request at 2 a3jc.

Hogs—-Koceipta 22, head; shipments 6, head; market steady, c!