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We have gotten pretty good at eating out with our kids…as long as the hostess, the cooks in the kitchen, and the servers all cooperate with our need to be in and out as quickly as possible. Our slight wait turned in to a little more than we had anticipated, but I did my best to keep a smile on my face. The wait to order was not any better than the wait to be seated…It took an eternity for the waitress to take our drink order and then even longer for her to take our food order.

After finally being able to tell her what we wanted to eat, we found ourselves somewhat desperate…heading to the car to get snacks for our youngest…. As we began to run out of games and activities that can be carried out using eating utensils and condiment packages, I felt myself start to boil. What is wrong with this place?

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Has the waitress not even considered bringing us some biscuits or crackers with which to occupy our little ones? Why has everyone else around us including Phillip and his wife received their food? By this point, my littlest was not going to stand for being in his highchair without food one second longer, so I stood up…and held him on my hip…and watched toward the kitchen…praying that our food would be delivered soon.

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